What is paradise for a fourteen-year-old boy?

For Conrad it’s definitely not dusty Los Angeles, where he’s stuck living with his mother and his cheeky little sisters.

Paradise is the forest where his dad still lives,
by the water where everything is beautiful,
where he belongs.

IndieReader Discovery Awards 2019:
- Winner, Best First Book
"A timeless, beautifully written coming-of-age story about transformation and self-acceptance." - 5/5 stars (read full review)
Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2019:
- Finalist, General Fiction / Novel (over 80,000 words)
- Finalist, First Novel (over 90,000 words)

Eric Hoffer Awards 2019:
- Finalist, Fiction
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~ Journal 11 ~

Meany Center's chamber music series features a LOT of string quartets, but since there is so much great music for the form it doesn't really get old, especially not with the Danish String Quartet playing. When I saw them here before they were amazing, and so was tonight's performance: Bartok's quart...

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This evening I watched On the Beach at Night Alone on blu-ray with my good friend and Hong Sang-soo fan Jane. It's hard to come up with words to describe a tissue of a film such as this. Is it even a movie? Well obviously it's a movie, but why does it work? It's like a series of teases, surfaces w...

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Tonight the Seattle Symphony and conductor Ludovic Morlot performed a brand new piece for the first time, and an old piece for the umpteenth time (well maybe not for us Seattlites - we don't get tons of Strauss). What they required in common was a very large orchestra and patience. The program:

  1. Da...

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Tonight the guest conductor Cristian Măcelaru plugged the Seattle Symphony into the good juice. The program:

  1. Lili Boulanger: "D'un matin de printemps"
    A short but colorful piece for large orchestra that shows a knack for orchestration.
  2. Elgar: Violin Concerto (with Vilde Frang on violin)

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The Flesh Eaters is a band made up of of LA-scene veterans that orignally formed in 1977. It's not a band I knew much about but its members are pretty famous: John Doe and DJ Bonebreak of X, Dave Alvin and Bill Bateman of The Blasters, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos and the poet/frontman Chris D. They h...

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