What is paradise for a fourteen-year-old boy?

For Conrad it’s definitely not dusty Los Angeles, where he’s stuck living with his mother and his cheeky little sisters.

Paradise is the forest where his dad still lives,
by the water where everything is beautiful,
where he belongs.

IndieReader Discovery Awards 2019:
- Winner, Best First Book
"A timeless, beautifully written coming-of-age story about transformation and self-acceptance." - 5/5 stars (read full review)
Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2019:
- Finalist, General Fiction / Novel (over 80,000 words)
- Finalist, First Novel (over 90,000 words)

Eric Hoffer Awards 2019:
- Finalist, Fiction
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~ Journal 13 ~

I came to this excited to hear the violin concerto by Gyorgi Ligeti played live, but I ended up less enthralled with it than I expected, and came away with the Mozart symphony playing on repeat in my head.

The program:

  1. Ligeti: Violin Concerto (1993)
    I know this music from a recording with Patri...

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"Les Troyens" is a holy-grail opera: huge both in terms of forces required and length, difficult to stage, and difficult to perform. It's also fantastic music, though I failed to really get it from the old recording I still have buried in my stacks of CDs (and I even have a DVD video o...

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The music on this album shares a captivating sense of landscape and texture. While I quickly tire of repetitive "minimalist" music that could be easily repurposed into a movie score, this is much more than that: constantly evolving and absorbing, full of shifting details, and often dar...

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These movies keep talking about "hope", and yes, I too keep hoping, only to have my hopes dashed. Not as much this time, however. Just somewhat dashed — like a concussion, instead of my brains all over the street. The Last Jedi is a good movie and a bad movie meshed into one: the good side of the st...

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