What is paradise for a fourteen-year-old boy?

For Conrad it’s definitely not dusty Los Angeles, where he’s stuck living with his mother and his cheeky little sisters.

Paradise is the forest where his dad still lives,
by the water where everything is beautiful,
where he belongs.

Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2019:
- Finalist, General Fiction / Novel (over 80,000 words)
- Finalist, First Novel (over 90,000 words)

Eric Hoffer Awards 2019: Finalist, Fiction
"Elegantly written, with vivid, nuanced characters and a strong sense of place." - IndieReader
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~ Journal 22 ~

This is a tutorial for streaming classical music on Spotify, but first of all, if all you want to do is stream for yourself, and you don't already have a Spotify account, don't bother with Spotify in the first place. It's terrible when it comes to classical. Instead, use the Naxos Music Library.*


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These are live performances, apparently, and what a mother-lode of great string playing this is, committed to the last degree. Weinberg wrote tons of good music, and recent years have seen many new recordings. I especially like the first chamber symphony here, but all four are good in...

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Here's a great Faure album, by a pianist who has this music in his blood. Every performace is penetrating and vivid, aided by a Bechstein piano with a distinctively woody old-world sound, which prevents the music from becoming overly-smoothed and draws out every pearly detail. The reci...

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Wanna have a good time? Well here you go. Don't worry — the man on the cover isn't going to strangle you. He's just tuckered out after playing all this wacky stuff. This album actually came out in 2016, but it didn't land on my shores until well into this year so it still counts as a 2...

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The thorough craft of Faure's music withstands markedly different aproaches to playing it, not simply at the technical level but also emotionally. Just compare the recordings by Germaine Thyssens-Valentin, Paul Crossley, Michel Dalberto, Kathryn Stott, Jean-Claude Pennetier... And here...

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