When I lived in Thailand, I heard a lot of incredible music for "Pipat Band", but there are very few decent videos on YouTube. This is one. The group is missing the wailing Phi Nai wind instrument that's usually included, but that makes it easier to hear the other instruments in this case. There are some virtuosos here, especially on Ranat (wooden xylophone — there's more than one kind), and the guy on the Khong Wong Yai (gong circle) is no slouch either. It's almost six minutes, but stick it out for the solos! And if you listen a bunch of times you will begin to make out the patterns.

One of my favorite things ever. The video below has subtitles that obstruct the picture. After you get the gist, you can rewatch this other version without subtitles.

Watch this to the end. You won't want to look away.

I grew up watching this show. Or didn't grow up...

Juliana Lepine sculpting an 18cm Freddy Mercury. See her YouTube Channel for other project videos and tutorials.

If you know the Beethoven symphonies (and possibly even if you don't), this may send you into fits.

This has clever changes and makes me laugh every time: