This is one of my favorite piano pieces. It should be better known. There's a recent recording by Vincenzo Maltempo on an antique piano, but this old performance by Ronald Smith still captures it best.

Bella Davidovich's still-incomparable recording of Beethoven's piano sonata #18 (Opus 31, #3). I used to have a cassette tape of this that I nearly wore out.

Before coming across this I didn't know that Respighi wrote piano music in the first place. There is a craft to this music that grows on you with repeated listening.

Here's the video featured in my piece "The Swing" about the rope swing we had when we were kids.

Vladimir Ashkenazy live in Japan, playing Scriabin's 6th sonata, which Scriabin himself was too freaked out by to play all the way through himself. Ashkenazy did record it along with all of the other sonatas, but this performance is better.

I love this concerto and this is a stellar performance of it.