Delaware Smartweed Honey

smartweed-delaware Here's a "Smartweed" honey I found in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market while I was visiting my sister and her family. The seller told me that Smartweed honey is also called "Red Bamboo" honey, but I'm wondering if that's accurate, because Red Bamboo is another name for Japanese Knotweed. It's true that Knotweed and Smartweed are both of the genus Polygonum, but there are many types of "Smartweed" so this honey might have come from something other than Japanese Knotweed. I have jars of Knotweed honey from Washington state which do not look or taste like this one (they are even darker in color, almost black, and the flavor is more like stewed prunes). This example is actually from Delaware. Perhaps I should call them and find out more...

In any case, this honey is a keeper: richly-flavored and complex, making me think of cooked figs and burned caramel. It's really good on toast, so our one jar is not going to last.

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