Gozo Island Honey


In late November, just before Omicron hit, my wife and I were able to visit our darling daughter living abroad, and after that we took a trip to Malta: four nights on the main island, and three nights on Gozo island. It was an incredible experience, with much time spent wandering along stunning, windy cliffsides. And of course I kept my eye out for honey (plus we got to visit the site of ancient Roman beehives). This honey is hard to describe, but it's as happy as I felt as we explored Gozo in a tiny rented car on the left side of the road. It's like a faceful of little flowers, and it tastes something like candied pear or softened citrus, smooth rather than sugary... It's a sunlight honey. I hope to return to Gozo someday, but in the meantime I have this memory in a jar.

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