Seattle Apiaries

A number of small operations produce honey from hives placed within the Seattle metropolitan area. If you think city honey won't be good or interesting, think again: people here have planted flowering trees and plants from around the world, and that's reflected in the honey. There are fewer local apiaries now than there were ten years ago — no doubt Covid had something to do with that — but excellent ones are still running. This page aims to list all of the current apiaries with in-city bees, and point you to where you can buy their honey.

In alphabetical order:

Honey Hole

This honey is produced by Ballard resident Brad Hole from bees in his yard. You can ask on his Facebook page where to get it this year. I've had some fantastic honeys from Brad - especially his fall harvest.

Rainy Day Bees

This apiary started up in 2013 and began selling in 2014. The owners live in Shoreline but have hives in Fremont and Greenwood. They will be adding more locations, and you can even host their bees in your back yard. I love how they label the honey with the neighborhood it came from.

Robin David

I saw a "Local Honey" sign on a pole along Sand Point way, so of course I came to a screeching halt and followed the signs. Robin has hives by his house (and a few more outside the city). The fall honey I bought that day felt like caramel and smelled intensely of propolis like it had just been scraped out of the hive. You can find out via his Instagram page when he's selling and where.

Seattle Urban Honey

These beekeepers have been collecting honey in Seattle since 2008. I once picked up three wonderful honeys which they collected from their hives in Queen Anne, in Greenlake, and at the Center for Urban Horticulture in the UW Botanic Gardens. The jars are labelled by location. They sell at the University District Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. If you see them don't hesitate (and if you don't see them, you can order directly from their very nice website).

Shipwreck Honey

This apiary is based in West Seattle and from what I can gather has hives both in the city and outside of it. Their honey is imaginatively packaged and they also make some interesting honey-related products. You can find their honey at farmers markets - I've seen them at the Fremont market, for instance.

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