Seattle Apiaries

A number of small operations are producing honey from hives situated smack in the middle of Seattle proper. This page aims to list all of the current apiaries with in-city bees, and point you to where you can buy their honey.

In alphabetical order:

Honey Hole

This honey is produced by Ballard resident Brad Hole from bees in his yard. You can ask on his Facebook page where to get it this year.


This apiary in Kenmore has hives placed in Kenmore, Lynnwood and Redmond. Their honey can be found at farmer’s markets in Kirkland (Juanita Bay), Redmond Ridge and also in Wenatchee (check with them to see if they will be there on the day you go).

Rainy Day Bees

This apiary started up in 2013 and began selling in 2014. The owners live in Shoreline but have hives in Fremont and Greenwood. They will be adding more locations, and you can even host their bees in your back yard.

Seattle Bee Works

I don’t yet know much about this project and haven’t gotten my hands on their honey. But, assuming they are still in operation, I will. They do backyard hives, and apparently have had hives in West Seattle and Queen Anne.

Shipwreck Honey

This apiary is based in West Seattle and from what I can gather has hives both in the city and outside of it. Their honey is imaginatively packaged and they also have some interesting honey-related products such as a pretty cool looking bar of soap. You can find their honey all over the place.

Urban Bee Company

I’ve had a number of distinctive honeys from these beekeepers, including an especially nice honey collected in Yesler Terrace. They deliver jars by bicycle to select zip codes, and have a subscription program. Or you can go to one of two places on Capitol Hill that sell their honey: Sugarpill or Rainbow Natural Remedies.

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