Ivan Fischer's Mahler 3rd

I hate Mahler's 3rd! Or I did. Maybe I still do, a little, but after this recording a lot less.

For me, each time getting to like a Mahler symphony has been sort of like joining a cult: "This is ridiculous!" I feel at first. But then later, well of course the blig-blugs fly through the blidder-boop. The 3rd however has been harder for me to like. Even live it wore me out: it's the perfect cartoon parody of classical music, with a choir that sits and waits to sing like f'ing forever then only sings once, not to mention the soprano. But then again, there's no denying how original and colorful this sprawling work is, or I suppose there is denying — until you hear this performance, in which every detail is delineated with incredible color and warm musicianship. Also this is one of the best-sounding orchestral recordings I've yet heard.

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