ALA Conference Book Signing

As a part of my big east coast trip to visit family and friends, I took the IBPA up on their offer to give away books at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington D.C. This event was huge: a cavernous underground space, and endless booths packed with books plus anything publishing-related (like enormous scanners). My gradeschool-librarian sister came with me and spent the whole day doing research. She also had the clever idea of printing out little cards showing my book cover on one side and the booth number on the reverse, which I passed out to people arriving at the bottom of the escalators. It worked: many of those people showed up later to get a signed copy of my book. And I had such a good time chatting with people. Many turned out to be librarians or teachers, from all over the country. I gave away a total of 41 books (two boxes worth, plus an extra copy I had in my bag). Of course I will be thrilled if my book ends up in libraries or classrooms, but I am also hoping so hard that I'll hear back someday from people who took my book home with them. Overall this was a very fun experience and would definitely do it again. Thank you IBPA!

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