Organ Recital at St. James Cathedral

The organist Renée Anne Louprette was the real deal, and the organ at St. James was fantastic, as was the accoustic. We sat on the side in the middle (on the advice of an elderly gentleman who knew his stuff), so we got the sound from both directions. Somehow I've never been to a recital at St. James before. I came especially for the Vierne, but everything was good, and the Isoir piece was a trip.

The Program:

  • Bach – Pièce d’orgue, BWV 572
  • Marais (organ transcription by Louprette) – Alcyone, Suite des Airs À Joüer (1706)
  • Isoir – Six Variations sur un Psaume Huguenot, Op. 1
  • Boulanger – Trois Pièces pour Orgue ou Harmonium: III. Improvisation
  • Ibert – Trois Pièces: III. Fugue
  • Vierne – Pièces de Fantaisie, Deuxième Suite, Op. 53 (complete)

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