Bailar Cantando

This album is full of life and interest, and you're going to want to get up and dance to some of these tracks. Jordi Savall and his people came across Peruvian manuscripts called the "Codex Trujillo", ca. 1780 around fifteen years ago, so some of these songs have shown up in quite different versions mixed in among other music on their previous albums. Here we have only songs from the codex, arranged by Savall and his musicians and recorded in vivid surround sound. In their own words:

"In our imaginary symbolic celebrations featuring this wonderful collection of music dating from ca. 1780, we bring together all shades of the various racial and social groups who lived side by side in the amazingly rich and highly stratified society of the Viceroyalty of Peru. These included the Spaniards and Creoles (mainly White, but also some Africans born in America) at the top of the social ladder, as well as the different native Indian communities, the mestizos (of mixed Indian and white European descent, or vice versa), and the African blacks (who had arrived as slaves) and the mulattos (of mixed white and black parentage)."

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